Monday, December 9, 2013

Stanford Medicine X 2014 ePatient Scholarship Live Event

Medicine X Live Event: 12/10/2013

If you are an ePatient—engaged and active both IRL ("in real life") and online in your journey through healthcare, empowered and advocating for yourself and others, striving to educate yourself and others about your condition, and excited about innovation at the intersection of medicine and technology—you need to be at Stanford Medicine X 2014.

If you want to be involved, whether you've been considering dipping your toes in advocacy or are already a full-fledged ePatient community leader, if you have been mentoring other patients, if you have been blogging about your condition or have written a bestseller, if you are looking to meet and collaborate with like-minded seekers, doers, makers and strivers all working to make healthcare better from the inside out, if you are itching to connect with ALL stakeholders from physicians and researchers to designers, Silicon Valley execs, tech gurus and beyond, then you need to be at Stanford Medicine X 2014.

If you want to know more about the experience—the conference is co-designed by ePatients (imagine that!)—then by all means, join us tomorrow night for our live Google Hangout & Twitter Chat.

Read up on the ePatient Scholarship Program, peruse the cornucopia of MedX 2013-inspired blogging, check out last years Google Hangout, and again, join us tomorrow night!

PS: Many of the ePatients on tomorrow night's event have given Ignite Talks at Medicine X. Check them out here.

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