Monday, November 11, 2013

QuickPost :: Designing Out Medical Error

Herewith, one of the interesting points from a FastCoDesign article about the Designing Out Medical Error Project (DOME):
"(...) the (DOME) project produced insights that should guide future efforts. One is simply encouraging medical professionals and designers to interact. Doing so gives practitioners a chance to see their old equipment "with fresh eyes," says West, and yet such collaborations are rare--despite fruitful partnerships going back to the days of Jeffrey Cooper. "I speak at a lot of medical conferences, and they never even considered that a designer could be involved in this sort of thing," says West. They should, stat." [Emphasis and link placement are mine.]
At least one medical conference embraces the design/medicine collaboration -- Stanford Medicine X (disclosure: I sit on its ePatient Advisory Board). Here's to seeing this rippling out further.

Here's a tweet from the DOME project:

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