Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Collaborative Medicine In Action, #BCSM Edition, Part Two.

It began with a post I caught on Facebook:

Tweets ensued, including:
And now, on the #BCSM website, a second opportunity for patients to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge (I wrote about the first one here). Yes, that does sound pretty grandiose! What I mean is this: when you are experiencing the type of side effects a drug like Tamoxifen can induce, you can discuss them with your oncologist, you can vent about them at support groups, you can blog and tweet about them ad nauseam. That's all fine and dandy....

But to be able to give that information to a physician who not only cares deeply, but who is planning to use that information in a presentation she is giving at a medical meeting.... well, that does get you thinking pretty big.

I continue to be excited and inspired by what we can accomplish when we harness technology to facilitate change.

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