Friday, February 10, 2012

Goodbye Rachel and Susan

On Monday, 02/06/2012, the #BCSM community lost two wonderful women: Rachel Moro and Susan Niebur. In a twist of cruel and bitter irony, they died within hours of each other, on the very day we gather for our tweetchat. That evening's chat was no doubt some kind of online interaction history in the making, as we came together to honor them, grieve, and support each other. Here is some food for thought:

Both Rachel and Susan were brilliant writers, and their work is a must read for anyone interested in Breast Cancer. Susan's blog is Toddler Planet and on Twitter @whymommy. Rachel's blog is The Cancer Culture Chronicles and on Twitter: @ccchronicles.

ADDENDUM: Here is the link to the Transcript of the #BCSM Chat in Rachel and Susan's honor.


  1. Liza!!
    I am thrilled to see your posts and I was deciding where to leave a "I look forward to sharing more than 140 characters with you" note. This is the most appropriate place. At the beginning. And, in a post that shows how connected we have become. Tears were shed all over the globe on Monday. Shock about Rachel and then, ANGER when I heard about Susan. Followed by lots of sadness. It's a good thing our chat was that night. We needed to gather in one place.

    My life is enriched by your friendship. My world completely changed when I began to meet (all of) you. You opened your heart and let me in. We laugh together and we are sad together and I cherish every moment of it. I love that we have a bat signal and someone is always ready to jump in if one of us is having a moment. Unconditional support. Amazing group. So glad you are in my life.

    Have fun with this, Liza......

    Lots and lots of love,


  2. AnneMarie!!!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU for this beautiful note!
    I feel EXACTLY the same way and look forward to sharing more than 140 characters with you too!!!
    Tons of love,