Friday, February 11, 2011

October 2010-For Once, Not So Deeply Affected by The Pink

I've hated October for the past 10 + years because I couldn't stand the constant reminders to be Aware of Breast Cancer, it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all.

I was already very much aware of it, thank you very much. And, I was actually trying to decrease my Breast Cancer Awareness in the hopes of decreasing my Rampant Cancer Anxiety of the "my elbow's sore, so I must have elbow cancer" variety (it was tendonitis, of course).

This year, surprisingly, it's not bothering me. Maybe deciding to share some thoughts is allowing me to kick its ass (BCAM's, that is), and therefore not be so bent out of shape by all the pink ribbons, pink events, pink t-shirts.... all that damn pink!

Or maybe, better yet, I've traveled far enough on this path, processed so much suffering (yes, I used the S-word!), that the knee-jerk PTSD-style reaction to all that Pink Ribbon Fever has decreased significantly.

It's called HEALING, Baby!!

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