About Liza Bernstein

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Healthcare Innovation Consultant. Patient Advocate, Writer, Speaker, Advisor.

Liza Bernstein is NED (No Evidence of Disease) after three primary cancer diagnoses. She uses Twitter and social media to extend her patient advocacy work by helping others become engaged/empowered patients and partners in their own care.

Liza works at the intersection of healthcare innovation, technology and human-centered design. She is the Patient Engagement Program Manager at Science 37. Before that, she was the Cure Forward Precision Medicine Advocate program lead; She also consults on passion projects including Lilly's Hero's Journey Art Project, and is an Advisor to CanSurround.

A former member of the Stanford Medicine X Conference’s ePatient Advisory Board, and a founding Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar, Liza has given talks internationally on topics including Patient-Centered Design; Dignity in Healthcare; Mental Health and Cancer; Cancer Survivorship; Social Media and Patient/Physician Relationships; and Shared-Decision Making.

Please scroll down for a list of links to some of her work and talks.

Liza is a frequent contributor to and influencer of leading global healthcare tweetchats and conferences including:
#BCSM - Breast Cancer Social Media
#patientchat - Empowered Patient Chat
#PallOnc - Palliative Care In Oncology Symposium
#Doctors20 - Doctors2.0 & You
#MedX - Stanford Medicine X

Liza is also a ceramic artist and instructor.

Areas of Interest Include:
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Breast Cancer
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Precision Medicine
  • Cancer Research
  • Emotional Side Effects of Cancer
  • Medical Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Empowerment
  • Fostering Productive and Collaborative Patient/Physician Relationships
  • Art and Illness/Wellness
  • Medical Humanities
  • Social Media and Advocacy in Health Care
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation

Less Brief:

I'm a 3rd Culture Kid—I grew up in South Africa, France, and the US—and a 3-time Cancer "survivor." Some of my passions include the application of User-Centered Design, Innovation, Strategy, and Advocacy/Engagement for social and environmental impact.

I began using social media for patient advocacy and engagement in late 2010 and never looked back. I quickly discovered the innovative field of Health Care Social Media (#HCSM) and its most exciting expression: Stanford Medicine X, in which I participated as an ePatient Scholar from 2011-2014. That involvement led to a position on the Medicine X 2012-2014 ePatient Advisory Board (yes, patients co-design this medical conference!), and as Los Angeles region community organizer. It was a great honor to return to Medicine X 2015 as an Advisor to digital health startup CanSurround.

I'm passionate about connecting and collaborating across vastly differing cultures and silos. Français, Español, and Portugûes are some of my favorite languages. I'll do whatever it takes to facilitate understanding and communication—I'm no stranger to mime and improvised sign language which have the added benefit of yielding lots of laughs.

I occasionally blog here about topics from being an #ePatient (empowered, engaged), to Breast Cancer, to Digital Health and Design. I express my point of view on art, design, and all things visual here. However, I'm most often on Twitter where all the great online conversations happen.

Links To Some Of Liza's Work:

These links will give you a window into some of my work: